introduced a very interesting promotion of its account. Thanks to her, you can earn up to PLN 600, so it is quite “worth”. If you want to participate in the promotion, you should first submit an application for opening one of the accounts, eKonto with the standard or eKonto tariff with the plus tariff. Then, sign the contract that will be provided by courier or we can take a walk to the bank’s branch. After this first step, we have to meet several conditions for additional money to appear on our account. So we must:

  1. in each calendar month, provide a one-off transfer for at least PLN 1,000. It can not be a transfer from another account in the Bank of which you are the owner or co-owner,
  2. make and settle payments by card or BLIK for a minimum amount of PLN 250,
  3. we can not cancel the card transaction by the 15th of the calendar month,
  4. log in at least once to the bank’s mobile application.

The prize in the amount of PLN 600 is divided into six parts. It is paid on the basis of refund of the sum of transactions made by card or by BLIK payment. This refund applies to 4% of the total of transactions. Each month, we can receive up to PLN 100 bonus for six consecutive months. So in order to get the maximum amount that we are entitled to at a given time, we must make a purchase of PLN 2,500 a month.


The offer is available to new bank customers, ie those who did not have an account after January 1, 2016. So everyone who had an account at mBank before this date can use the promotion as much as possible.

In addition to the moneyback bonus for participation in the mBank promotion, everyone who benefits from the offer and meets all conditions of participation, will get a guarantee that for 24 months, he will not be charged for maintaining an account, for withdrawals from ATMs made using a card issued to the account, for issuing a card , as well as for internal and external zloty transfers as part of online banking.

However, if we look closely at the bank’s offer, we will notice that accounts are virtually free. We only need to make 5 transactions with the card issued to the account. The advantage of the promotion is, therefore, that we do not have to bear costs for withdrawals from ATMs.